Our commitment to health and safety

Ceilite is committed to carrying out an effective consultation with every one of our employees. We ensured that this commitment was met through the formation of a Health and Safety Committee in 2002.

Engineers, improvers and apprentices are well aware of their duty of care which is reinforced by our rigorous training procedures. Ceilite has a long established policy of training our engineers to meet with the highest industry standards.

Internal training promotes a consistent standard of installation, servicing and maintenance is promoted throughout the company. This is controlled by training procedures and policies that are incorporated within the company. We were originally RECOM approved (Register of Companies Competent to Handle Refrigerants) March 2004 and lead the way with our policies and training.

Legal records of all electrical testing (PAT) of the tools and equipment used by our operatives is available and we only use 110volt tools unless not available. This procedure is monitored internally and independently through inspections and assessment by the HVAC and Safe Contractor against clearly defined standards.

In all cases Ceilite will ensure a safe system of work is used and we will promote its use and awareness to all employees. Working procedures are constantly reviewed and updated with input from all operatives to ensure that our methods coincide with the reality of site conditions. We achieved Safe Contractor status in recognition of reaching the SAFE Contractor Health and Safety Standards, which is frequently reviewed.

Tool box talks are completed weekly by engineers, improvers and apprentices, the records of which are then kept and updated for future reference as required. Reports are processed and issued to ensure compliance

Evaluation of all risks is mandatory prior to providing a method statement for the works to be undertaken. Our method statement shall include COSHH Assessments for substances used.