How Do AC Systems Work?

AC systems are something most people take for granted these days. You expect air conditioning when you walk into the mall on a blistering hot July day, but you give little or no thought to how that cool, refreshing air is actually produced. Life without air con would be far from pleasurable.

The cooling process in AC systems

AC systems use Freon to cool your office in much the same way your refrigerator uses Freon to keep your lettuce and milk cool. Inside the AC unit is a series of coil through which the Freon is pumped. First it is compressed to become hot, then it is pushed through the coils where it spreads its heat around and comes out as a liquid.

This liquid formed Freon then dissipates and becomes a cool gas which runs through another set of coils. Air is drawn in from the building and blown over the cool coils and then pushed back out into the building. This creates a cycle where the air is drawn in, cooled, and then returned.

The filtering process in AC systems

Most AC systems today include filters of some variety to collect allergens and toxins from the air before it is returned back to your office. Some have low quality filters and others have advanced filtering systems designed to remove virtually all of the air particles that could cause allergies and other problems.

Types of AC systems

AC systemsThere are only two main categories of AC systems, though there are a variety of different types of systems that can fall within each category. The main categories are portable air conditioners and split system, or stable air conditioners.

Portable air conditioners are any variety that can be moved from one room to another. They are typically used for temporary structures or other situations where you need to transfer the cool air from one place to another rather than just cooling one area on a continual basis.

Split system air conditioners are those that have a thermostat inside the house with a main air conditioning unit sitting outside. Everything has to be connected together with vents well placed throughout the building so air can be pumped from the outside unit through the vents to the building. This is a permanent system that obviously will not be easy to move. It is used to continuously cool a larger building or structure such as an office building or plant.

Purchasing AC systems

  • When purchasing a new air conditioning system for your business, think long term.
  • You want to find someone who can not only do a fast and correct installation, but who can help with proper maintenance as well.
  • You will get the most life out of your system and it will function much better if it is properly maintained over the years.
  • Ask lots of questions and make sure that you purchase your AC systems from someone who knows everything about the industry.

Buying AC systems is not a small investment, so it pays to do your research and speak to the professionals.

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