Air Conditioning Installation

Ceilite has created a name in the Air conditioning installation services industry by the quality of its services. Following receipt of an official order or instruction for Air conditioning installation, our experienced Contract Management Team will liaise directly with you to confirm the scope of work and program. We’ll also help you choose an air conditioning system that is best suited for your need.

Every air conditioner installation is undertaken by Ceilite’s fully trained workforce. The level of each operative’s training can be demonstrated through the Training Matrix, included in the Health and Safety section. This will give you the confidence that our Air conditioning installation procedure is in line with the latest industry standards.

Ceilite will ensure that our Air conditioning installation services are carried with minimum disruption to your work environment. You also have the benefit of choosing from different air conditioning manufactures and designs, so that you get the best possible solution for you. Whatever system you choose, we’ll also make sure that it meets the relevant standards, is suitable for your requirements, and can be legally used in your building.

The Air conditioning installation Contract Management Team will monitor every step of the installation through site visits, meetings and consultations with you or your project team. The Chain of Command employed by Ceilite guarantees works progress in line with the agreed programme, reaction to changing circumstances, and an Air conditioner installation of the highest standard.

Ceilite has built an enviable reputation for attending site promptly and for our methods of work ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Apart from Air conditioning installation services, we also provide cost effective packages for maintenance and servicing.