Investors in People – People Management Strategy

Strengths & good practices

Everyone is very much encouraged to put forward ideas for improvement through day to day working discussions, Health and Safety committee meetings, appraisal discussions and at anytime. There were many examples of good ideas that had helped such as researching what might cause the unacceptable smell from one of the updated products and narrowing it down to the hose – which has provided the solution to customer complaints and improved the relationship with the manufacturer who couldn’t find the fault.

Support is provided in different ways for different needs. For example new starters work with one of the experienced engineers to learn the job and are asked to keep a diary of the work that they have done and the learning achieved during that week. As new people become more experienced they don’t use the diary but use a notebook instead to log any new techniques or information for future use. There is a good understanding of different people’s needs and a willingness to let people try different roles to see if it fits the person and the company needs. Health and Safety committee meetings are open to everyone with representatives from the different areas to ensure that the different team’s views are included.