Health and Safety Statement

Ceilite recognizes that high standards of Health, Safety and Welfare are integral elements of efficient business management objectives and contribute to the operational efficiency and profitability of any organisation.

Ceilite’s’ Managers are responsible for pursuing progressive improvements in the Health & Safety performance of individuals and groups by establishing and maintaining control, communicating the necessary information, encouraging co-operation thereby ensuring that a positive Health & Safety culture is promoted and developed from within.

Ceilite directly employs all of its own installation and service team therefore we can ensure all are trained to the same high standards by internal and external training. All of Ceilite’s’ work force have obtained their CSCS/skill card and so have all of our approved sub-contractors. All of Ceilite’s’ new site operatives will have enrolled within 3 months of joining Ceilite or been assessed as to what further training is required.

Ceilite’s’ policy is firmly to train its own employees and to promote from within, whilst there is a shortage of skilled workers within the industry our policy to take on apprentices will assist in the industry wide man power planning and so help to eradicate skills shortages.

Ceilite’s’ employees have sufficient information, instruction and training to undertake their work tasks safely thereby ensuring hazards and risks are not being created. Our policies are promoted strongly through the ranks and passed on to all of our sub-contractors to ensure promotion of Health and Safety and Awareness on all of our sites.

At Ceilite Air conditioning, safety is our paramount concern.

The numerous awards that we have received recognise a company culture driven by safety in the workplace. That is why we are proud to make our safety policies completely transparent including our:

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