AREA, the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association, set up in 1988, is the European Association of National AC & R Associations, representing the European specialized refrigeration and air conditioning contractors and engineers.

AREA’s members presently represent more than 9,000 companies across Europe, a workforce of 125,000 and a turnover approaching €20 billion in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

The associations, which are members of AREA, represent the enterprises responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

AREA’s mission

AREA’s main objectives are to support and to initiate activities to promote the industry and its high standards of quality, in order to serve the users interest in a safe and uninterrupted usage of efficient refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, and to create and to maintain a favourable business climate for the refrigeration and air conditioning contractors, in terms of quality, safety, employment, fair competition and profitability, within the European Economic Area.

  • Vocational education/training and related certification,
  • Technical evolution: technology, quality, safety, energy efficiency, codes & standards,
  • Concern for the environment,
  • Dissemination of information,
  • Legal affairs and regulations,
  • Commercial issues.

Key issues facing the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in the coming years

  • The effects of globalisation, in particular in worldwide environmental issues, (e.g. Kyoto Protocol)
  • Greater integration in the European Union: harmonisation, new regulations, mergers and acquisitions, new markets and sub-markets, new competitors, survival and profitability of SME’s, lobbying at the DU level,
  • The recognition of the necessary and compulsory qualifications of the refrigeration contractors,
  • Finding a solution to the lack of qualified personnel and bringing young professionals to the trade,
  • Preserving the highest standards of quality in terms of safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

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