Recent Projects

Ceilite are proud of all the projects completed and to single out some may be detrimental to all of the others. We believe we put the required commitment and expertise in all projects. However, projects we feel reflect well on us for varying reasons – read more


Ceilite were finalists for this Safety Initiative of the Year Award for their work in compiling the Health and Safety Committee. As a design and installation company that works for both the end user and main contractor on various sites, Ceilite foresaw the importance of a Health and Safety Committee back in April 2002 and realised they wanted everyone to have the opportunity to work towards a safer workplace. – read more

National Training Awards 2012

  • Criteria Feedback Report for Employers
  • Entry title: Safety Card Talks based on tool box talks structure using the playing card deck index

The Judges were impressed by what they described as a clever, self-designed programme which has had a huge impact on all the employees involved in the initiative. It is an innovative approach to what is often seen as a dry and boring subject area and has made Health and Safety exciting. The Panel would have liked more specific information about the goals of the learning initiative.

The Panel liked the way in which the delivery process is learner led and demonstrates real enthusiasm for practical learning in a real-world setting. They noted that the initiative was highly cost-effective, sustainable and has the potential to make a difference to many other small organisations in the construction industry.

The Judges were very interested in the way in which the company has taken a holistic approach that integrates on-job learning with a performance management process designed to support and sustain the effective use of the constantly updated learning resource. The validating Judges were pleased to see what is clearly an exemplary approach to on-job Health and Safety training which has transformed ownership of this process within the organisation.


Mitsubishi is taking an industry lead and improving the way it does business. They are committed to quality – both the equipment they supply and the services that are provided to customers.