Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Institute

A new service for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry launched in September – the Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Institute.

This specialist group is being set up to offer independent technical information for individuals who install, service or maintain air conditioning and heat pump equipment.

The Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Institute (ACHPI) provides a new way of accessing high quality and reliable information about technical topics specifically for the air conditioning sector. It brings together the technical expertise of manufacturers support services with the experience of the institute of Refrigeration in providing practical guidance and keeping individuals up to date with good industry practice and standards.

‘The Heat Pump and Air Conditioning sector is one of the ongoing major advancements of the refrigeration cycle. This burgeoning sector of our industry has its own different technical needs and the ACHPI can help develop this growing area where engineers are thirsty for reliable and independent information. There is no doubt about it, that this sector will make an enormous contribution to the development of more energy efficient heating systems in the future.’ John Ellis, Chairman of the IOR ACHPI technical panel.

The individuals who join this service will find it an easy way of:

  • Keeping up to date with news, practical tips and current skills
  • Broadening their practical knowledge of current technology
  • Filling any gaps in their theory understanding
  • Finding out about new developments which could affect their business such as tracking new legislation and marketing opportunities

‘The Institute of Refrigeration has traditionally been associated with the industrial and commercial refrigeration sector, and the formation of this new Institute provides a clear message that the Institute technical expertise is relevant to everyone.’ Jane Gartshore, President.

Membership is free until March 2010 for those who join now as Founder Members. There will be a £30 renewal fee from April – which will include a range of additional benefits and access to extra information.

The ACHPI will offer technical updates presented as short practical summaries, emailed or posted direct to members every three months. The first instalments cover:

  • Energy inspections of air conditioning equipment
  • The heat pump vapour compression cycle
  • measuring and maximising system efficiency
  • Recovering, reclaiming, recycling R22 and ODS refrigerants

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