Investors in People – Management Effectiveness

Strengths & good practices

As already mentioned above there is a very strong supportive management culture at Ceilite. Much of this is an inherent way of working to support everyone to meet the company’s aims and objectives. The competencies have helped to put these ways into words which helps people to understand what is expected and to discuss it more easily. Managers have many examples of support provided including regular communications to ensure that people were able to carry out their work effectively and had appropriate opportunities for learning and growth. There were good examples of picking up vibes when people were overworking or having difficulty with a particular job and providing the right level of support to help them through this.

Appraisal is annual with an interim 6 month update – this update can be a meeting if either party requests it. This is more likely for people in newer roles who are still learning all the different aspects of their job.

People were very complimentary about their managers and felt that they could talk to them about any issues and receive a positive response. They felt that all managers were approachable, listened, acted on specific needs, enabled learning and development to take place, knew their strengths and areas for development, knew what they liked and didn’t like, provided appropriate opportunities for growth and helped them to enjoy their work.

There are training matrices for different aspects of the business eg technical knowledge and Health and Safety and these are kept up to date by the Director who is responsible for the People aspects of the business. New people have the nature of the work outlined and how their role will begin and progress. For example new engineers begin within the installation department and learn the job through coaching with a more experienced person. The required courses and accreditations are planned and actioned as needed. As people become more experienced they progress to Improver, Junior Engineer and Engineer. More experienced people can try the service role to decide whether these different skills fit with them and the company.