Investors in People – Leadership and Management Strategy

Managers were clear on both sets of competencies and used them to score performance at appraisal, the individual also scores themselves and then these are compared and used as a basis for discussion. For people in developing roles there is a more in depth discussion on the competencies. For people who have been in their role for a longer time there is less discussion needed but more use of daily updates and feedback as needed.

The scoring sheet includes guidance on what the scores mean and the types of behaviour involved.

Managers here have been with the company for many years and the culture of supportive management is well embedded throughout. The competencies are still used for discussion and informal coaching to meet the needs.

People who have learnt their role are encouraged to develop leadership capabilities through working with less experienced people and coaching them on the job. The competencies of Care, Teamwork, Quality, Ultimate Service, Integrity and Fun all support people in understanding the expectations involved in supporting others to learn.