Air con UK?

With our generally chilly weather, you may be wondering why on earth you would consider using an air con in the UK. Although there are many people that believe that the purpose of an air conditioner is to blow cold air into a room, this really isn’t what air conditioners actually do.

What does air con do?

  • An air conditioner takes in warm air from inside the room, cools it off, and then pumps it back out into the room.
  • Air that is warm before entering an air conditioner is cooled by Freon, a refrigerant, and the process is done through evaporation, much like a refrigerator.
  • Most UK air con can also regulate temperatures, warming as well as cooling.
  • Air cons also purify the air.

Allergies and air con (UK)

air con ukThere are benefits to using an air con in the UK, other than to simply cool off a hot and humid room. During the spring and fall, pollen levels rise in the atmosphere, causing people all sorts of problems with allergies, including sneezing and congestion. Through the use of an air conditioner, allergies and pollen can be reduced, thus reducing symptoms due to allergies from pollen, dust, and dander from pets.

The way in which an air conditioner works is by using a compressor that is housed inside the air conditioner. It takes the Freon, and compresses it, and this makes it hot, which causes the air pressure to grow. The coils that are also found inside the air conditioner is where the heated gas goes, allowing the heat to be released along the way. When the process is complete, the gas changes into liquid form. The liquid is then sent through a valve, where it evaporates at once, then goes into another coil set, thus cooling the indoor heat, which then gets pumped into the room via a fan. The result is air that has been cleaned and cooled.

Air conditioners of today also come with filters that help to purify the incoming air. They are mostly referred to as dust filters, and can work wonders for people that suffer from allergies or asthma. Other filters that can be obtained on air conditioners are called cleaning filters; they aid in the removal of tiny dust particles and help stop the spread of germs and bacteria. In addition, today’s air conditioners are much more energy efficient and work better than ever at cooling and cleaning the air we breathe in our home and work spaces.

Heat, humidity and air con UK

Although UK weather usually makes us think of rain and cold, when our summers do finally arrive they do tend to be very hot and humid. When you have air con in the UK, you have the perfect respite from the relentless heat, and enjoy the added benefits of lower humidity and cleaner air to breathe.

If you are worried about the way the system might appear in your home, never fear, because many systems today are made with the most streamlined components, making them inconspicuous to look at as you get cooled from the heat. Air conditioners of today are also much friendlier to the environment than many years ago, so there is nothing that should stop you from living in the comfort and cleanliness you and your family deserve.

There are several different types of air conditioning units that can be purchased, and they range from simple window units to rooftop units. The one you choose will be based on what you need and the amount you can afford.

Today is the day to begin living in the comfort you deserve – invest in air con UK.

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