Air Conditioning

Everyone knows what an air conditioner is, but how many of us know how it works? Not many. In fact, most people mistakenly believe air conditioners actually produce cold air. So, what do air conditioners really do? That is what we will be discussing in the next few paragraphs

Air Conditioning Facts?

  • As we mentioned, an air conditioner doesn’t really pump cold air.
  • Rather, it removes warm indoor air, cools it, and returns it to the room.
  • In fact, an air conditioner works exactly like another popular indoor appliance, the refrigerator.
  • Both a fridge and an air conditioning system rely on the evaporation of refrigerants, like Freon, to cool hot air.

How do Air Conditioning Systems Work?

As far as the actual process is concerned, it all begins with the compressor inside the air conditioner. The compressor, as you might expect, compresses Freon gas, which immediately causes it to become hot and increases the air pressure. This hot gas then wends its way through a series of coils in an attempt to release the heat. Afterwards, the gas condenses into a liquid. The air conditioning system them makes sure the liquid is then pushed through a valve where it immediately evaporates and becomes cold Freon gas. Lastly, the cold gas passes through another group of coils and as it does so cools the indoor heat, which is then blown into the room by fans.

Other Benefits of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning UnitBelieve it or not, air conditioners can actually help clean indoor air as well. In fact, most units have filters that co llect dust , pollen, and other common allergens. They can even filter out some of the smoke, dirt and pollution in the air. Many window units also have a feature that allows them to function as dehumidifiers. In the next section we are going to take a look at some of the most common types of air conditioners and how they work.

Types of Air Conditioning

Window Unit

A window air conditioner is often used in smaller spaces like single rooms or small offices. They are easily installed in the window frame and require little maintenance. And while most units are fairly inexpensive, they are often not the most efficient or effective way to cool the space. Generally speaking, your energy bills will be much higher if you rely on individual window units rather than central air, which is why they should only be used to cool a room or two.

Condensing Units

This type of air conditioning machine is commonly used to run central cooling systems in domestic homes rather than commercial premises. They are incredibly efficient and cost effective, and since the unit is normally installed in the backyard, there is absolutely no indoor noise.

Because they are affordable and efficient, condensing until are also installed to cool everything from large office buildings to warehouses to shopping malls. Of course, one condensing unit will not do. Typically, a large building will have twenty or more units installed on the roof.

Cooling Tower

Last but not least, there is the cooling tower. These are structures that use streams of extremely cold water to cool the hot coils of the air conditioning unit. They are often only found on office complexes or college campuses. While the system does cost considerably more than the others to install, the energy saving can be substantial.

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