Commercial Air Con

It is a fact of life. Offices would be less happier places without the convenience of air cons. This statement also applies to the world of supermarkets, and basically offline stores in general. Moderating the temperature can be so much more pleasant and it does make living indoors more bearable. Commercial air cons really make a difference in the world of temperature moderating.

Choosing a commercial air con

Not all commercial air cons are created equal. That is why there is such a variety on the market today. Not all are created equal and not all of them can cater to your specific needs. Thus, it is very important to carefully consider different types of commercial air cons before settling on a final decision.

  • Spending money on the incorrect commercial air con for your office can result in costly upgrades and changes later on.
  • Many central air conditioning systems simply are not suitable for already established offices.
  • An alternative option is to have a window air conditioner installed into each room. This can also cause hassles as you would need to block off an entire window in each room, and some rooms only have a single window in them.

So, what are you to do in a bid to keep cool when the weather turns more than just balmy?

Ductless commercial air con

commercial air conDuctless commercial air cons make use of an outside unit that is installed on an exterior wall of your office or even in your roof. This exterior unit includes a compressor, and because this is such an important part of the system it will need to be sheltered from the elements. The units that are installed inside the rooms of your office will include an evaporator.

These indoor units are generally installed high up against the walls or even in your room ceiling. So, how do the units outside and the ones inside work together? They are connected via a refrigerant pipe that passes through a hole drilled in the wall.

One outdoor unit can be linked to up to 3 indoor units. This is an effective way to install a commercial air con into your office without having to go to the lengths needed for traditional central or window air conditioning systems.

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