Important Considerations in Air Con Design

Air con design is not something that can be attempted without a great deal of knowledge and experience. Air con designers need to be very familiar with all components in an air conditioning system as well as different products available on the market today. They also have to be clued up on the going prices for different products in order to design an air conditioning system that fits the budget of their client.

This is not something that an air conditioning technician will be able to do. It requires a professional engineer with in-depth expertise on air conditioning design, functioning and installation.

Let’s take a look at three basic factors that must be considered when air conditioning design is tackled:

Air Con Design: Needs

  • The environment in which the air conditioning system will be used must be considered during air con design.
  • Every industrial and commercial setting will have different demands and challenges, so the air conditioning system will need to be designed differently.
  • The air con system should offer all the features required and nothing more. It needs to be functional and efficient, but not overly expensive.

Air Con Design: Efficiency

Energy efficiency is extremely important today. Massive air conditioning systems can get quite expensive, especially when running constantly all year round inside an industrial or commercial facility. It is therefore very important that air con design takes this into account and creates systems that are as affordable as possible to operate.

Energy efficient parts and features may cost a bit more initially, but over time the lower energy bills will more than pay off that extra expense. It is therefore an extremely important factor in air con design.

Air Con Design: Air Filtering

air con designIndustrial and commercial air conditioning does a lot more than just cool the air. Air con design also needs to include filtration to remove pollutants and allergens from the air before it is pumped back into the environment. Although this is a benefit in home air conditioning, it is absolutely essential in some industrial settings.

Filtering not only makes the industrial and commercial environment healthier and more sanitary for human workers, it can also prevent equipment from malfunctioning due to dust and other debris that collects in the air over time.

It requires expertise and experience in order to design an effective and efficient air conditioning system. Good air con design will always take all these factors into account, as well as many more.

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